We’re excited to announce Smash Root and Carter Green as our featured athletes of the week. Their dedication and hard work are evident as they continually strive to elevate their skills on the field. Whether it’s during team practices or individual lessons at the spot, both Smash and Carter consistently deliver exceptional performances.

Smash Root’s and Carter Green’s commitment to improvement sets them apart. Their hard work extends beyond the regular practice sessions, reflecting a genuine passion for honing their abilities. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to their teammates and a testament to the values we uphold in our athletic community.

In addition to their prowess on the field, Smash and Carter’s excellence in individual lessons at the spot underscores their well-rounded approach to skill development. Their willingness to invest time and effort into refining their techniques showcases a level of commitment that goes beyond the ordinary.

We are proud to honor Smash Root and Carter Green for their outstanding contributions and relentless pursuit of excellence. Their achievements not only elevate them as athletes of the week but also inspire others to strive for continuous improvement on and off the field.